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Founded in 1975, the attorneys of Davis, Saunders & Miller Law Firm have over half a century of legal experience serving seriously injured individuals.

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Whether by settlement or trying cases before juries, Davis, Saunders & Miller is experienced in representing railroad workers, seamen and offshore workers who are injured on-the-job, as well as handling cases for individuals and their families who have been harmed by the negligent acts of others.  The firm is also experienced in cases that arise from commercial and private airplane crashes, including litigation for pilot error and cases against the Federal Government for air traffic controller negligence. 

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Practice Areas

Call our firm as soon as possible so we can advise if you have a case and how best to protect your rights.
Railroad Law (FELA)

We represent railroad workers who have been injured on-the-job.

Whistleblower Law (FRSA)

​Whistleblower protection prohibits railroads from retaliating against railroad workers who report an injury or safety concern. 

Maritime Law (Jones Act)

We represent maritime and offshore workers who have been injured working on any type of vessel.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We represent individuals who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by the negligence of others.

Trucking Collisions

We represent individuals who have suffered harm from a trucking collision.

Personal Injury

We represent individuals who have suffered harm from an accident or injury caused by the negligent acts of others. 

Aviation Law (FTCA)

We represent individuals nationwide who have been injured in both commercial and private aviation accidents.

First, seek prompt medical attention.  Your health and safety are most important.  Second, verbally report the injury to your supervisor and local union official.  Your Operating and Safety Rules require you to fill out a written Personal Injury Report promptly.  Do not wait to complete this form if possible.  Complete the form yourself. Do your best to keep a copy. Finally, do not give an audio-recorded statement to the railroad’s claim agent without speaking to a knowledgeable railroad attorney.  Always know that you can call us at any time: 1-800-321-7815.

As a railroad worker injured on the job, you are not covered by state Worker’s Compensation laws.  Because of how dangerous your job is, in 1908, Congress and President Theodore Roosevelt made sure a special federal law would apply to you so you could recover more for your injuries and damages than under state Worker’s Compensation laws.  This law is called the Federal Employer’s Liability Act or “FELA.”   When setting up a doctor’s appointment, provide them with the same medical insurance card you would use for regular check-ups or for the flu.  The medical insurance you already have as a benefit of your employment and union agreement provides medical coverage for medical issues that happen off work AND for an injury suffered at work.  If your doctor’s office is confused about this, it’s ok.  Call us and we will help communicate with them.

Under FELA, once we show that the railroad acted carelessly and failed to provide you with a reasonably safe work place, you may assert damages for medical bills, lost wages, future wages and benefits if you cannot return to your career, as well as compensation for the harm caused by the railroad.  This includes your physical and mental pain and suffering.  These damages are valuable and we fight hard to make sure you receive full and just compensation.

No. It’s not legal.  Because these threatening tactics have gone on for decades, Congress, in 2008, passed the whistleblower protections of the Federal Railroad Safety Act “FRSA.”  This law prohibits the railroad from any intimidation, retaliation, or discipline against you for reporting an on-duty injury.  Also, the FRSA requires the railroad to provide you with prompt medical treatment when they learn you are hurt, and the law prohibits the railroad from interfering with your medical treatment.  These are important protections under the law to which you are entitled.  If this unlawful conduct happened to you or a co-worker, we are available to provide guidance and advice on your possible legal claims.


The Davis, Saunders & Miller Law Firm can help with any type of injury.

SMART TD Designated Legal Counsel (Formerly UTU)

Ben Saunders, a founder of the Davis, Saunders, & Miller Law Firm, is SMART TD Designated Legal Counsel. As Designated Legal Counsel, the firm provides legal advice and representation in Court to railroaders throughout the United States.


Ben Saunders was also Designated Legal Counsel for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen where he served as DLC Chairman from 1999-2001.

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