Success Stories

$310,000.00 Settlement for Railroad Worker who Returned to Work after less than a year – Settlement Negotiated Without a Lawsuit

Not every case requires a lawsuit, many of which cost tens of thousands of dollars in expenses and can drag on for years due to delay tactics.  When liability is clear and the medical facts are developed quickly, some cases can be fast-tracked for settlement without entering into expensive and time-consuming litigation.

On April 30, 2015, our client, a railroad conductor, was being transported in a railroad company-provided passenger van at the end of his shift.  While stopped at a red light, another vehicle carelessly slammed into the back of the passenger van at an excessive speed.  The crash caused a herniated disc in our client’s neck.  After making every effort to return to work by undergoing physical therapy and spinal injections, a surgical fusion was performed.  With a great surgical result, and with our client’s strong resolve to resume his career, he was able to return to work at the railroad less than 4 months after surgery.

At the time of the accident, our client insisted that a police report be made and that the culprit be ticketed.  Armed with proof of liability, our firm was able to negotiate a settlement that included the full liability limits of the careless driver’s insurance and a sizable portion of the passenger van’s underinsured motorist coverage. 

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