Legal Update – April 13, 2021

Practice Point: Early on, after one of our prospective clients has been injured, it is commonplace for them to ask us at the consultation meeting: “Do I really need a lawyer right now?” It’s a reasonable question, especially considering that the client may be unfamiliar with the laws that apply to the claim, if they simply have not dealt with a lawyer in the past, or worse, they have already had a negative experience with a lawyer.

First, if a legal deadline is approaching, you should retain a lawyer as soon as possible. At Davis, Saunders & Miller, we start to evaluate the case immediately whether the client hires us quickly or whether the client wants to wait and use us as a resource or “coach” in dealing with their railroad employer or insurance company. Unless there is an imminent legal deadline, no client should ever feel pressured into hiring a lawyer if they aren’t ready to do so. The client should always feel comfortable when hiring a legal team and do so based on the firm’s experience and professionalism. For that reason, DSM is happy to provide free legal consultations to offer our perspective on cases without any obligation. In sum, the right legal team won’t need to pressure you to hire them. Contact us at 1.800.321.7815.

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