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The most valuable asset a person possesses in this world is one’s health.  Nobody wants to be hurt.  Nobody wants to be injured.  In particular, nobody wants to sustain permanent injuries that could affect their ability to lead a normal life.


All the money in the world is not worth one’s health. 


However, accidents happen.  People get hurt because of the fault of others, not just because of random illness or sickness.  When injury, pain, suffering, and an inability to function are caused by the fault of another, the laws of the United States of America and each State of the Union provide legal remedies to obtain fair compensation.

The laws that cover those who are injured are called negligence laws.  Negligence laws vary from State to State.  In essence they are all based on the common law standard that proclaims: when a person is injured due to another’s negligence, the injured person is due compensation.


These axioms are true in the field of Motor Vehicle Accidents where often times a person is waiting for a red light and a distracted driver on their cell phone runs into the back of them.  The force of the collision causes trauma to the spine.  These injuries range from whiplash to other more severe injuries that may require spinal surgery to correct a disc rupture.


In addition to Motor Vehicle Accidents, other types of accidents and injuries occur due to the fault of others.  For instance, people get hurt at supermarkets and restaurants when they slip and fall.  These accidents do not usually occur just because somebody dropped a cup of water on the floor.  Rather, they are largely caused by unclean slippery conditions that existed for long periods of time in hallways and corridors that are designated for public use.


It is for these reasons the insurance industry has written countless policies covering their insured’s for the negligent acts for which they collect annual premiums.  If and when an incident or accident happens, the insurance company must do what it agreed to do and that is pay for the injury or loss created by its insured.


One must not believe that it is wrong to receive compensation for a legitimate injury as is often heard on the news.  Compensation for a legitimate injury is your right under the law in this civilized world, and it is the legal duty of the insurance company to pay for the claims they insure and for which they collect a premium to cover losses sustained by injuries. 

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