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Maritime (Jones Act) ​

The economic prosperity of the Gulf South region depends on the oil and gas production carried out in the Gulf of Mexico.  


The safety of the workers who make that prosperity possible must be the industry’s first priority. 


Maritime workers, whether employed on an offshore platform, jack-up rig, or other support vessels, are granted substantial rights under federal statutory law and general maritime common law when they are injured or killed in the line of the duty.

Among the laws that may be applicable to your case is the Jones Act.  The Jones Act requires that a seaman’s employer provide a reasonably safe place to work.  A maritime employer may be held responsible for the negligence of its employees, including the sea captain in failing to maintain the vessel in safe condition.  Under United States Supreme Court law, the negligence of the maritime employer will be the legal cause of the employee’s damage if it played any part, even in the slightest, in bringing about the employee’s harm.  The Jones Act allows recovery for lost earnings, future loss or earning capacity, and physical and mental pain and suffering.

Depending on the type of job duties the worker was carrying out at the time of the injury, the geographic location where the injury occurred, and the worker’s connection to a vessel engaged in maritime activity, the worker may assert rights under certain federal laws, while at the same time being excluded from asserting others.  This field of law is highly specialized and requires special attention from experienced attorneys.

If you have been injured offshore, you need competent legal representation to assert your full rights under all applicable federal laws.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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