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Motor Vehicle & Trucking Collisions

We need only take a short trip on any of America’s interstate highways to see that the number of 18-wheeler commercial trucks has risen sharply.  Their presence on the roads is forecasted to continually rise.  Many commercial truck drivers operate safely without any traffic mishaps.  Their top priority is to get home safely.  On the other hand, others push the limits of public safety to log in more miles to earn more money.  Sleep deprivation and unsafe operation can lead to devastating accidents on the highway. 

If you have been involved in an accident with another automobile or with a commercial 18-wheeler, you need to take immediate action.  If you are injured, seek immediate medical treatment.  If you are able to safely assist and give aid to others injured, do so.  Call an ambulance if necessary.  Document as many facts as you can using your smart phone or camera.  Provide information only to law enforcement officers and first responders.  Insist that the law enforcement officers make a written report of the accident.  Do not give any statements to representatives from the trucking company.  Only talk to the police, witnesses, and other drivers.  Make notes of what each witness says.  Obtain their contact information.

Even if the accident does not lead to a claim or lawsuit, you should obtain experienced legal advice immediately.  Call us and we will help you evaluate the strength of your claim.

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