Spine Injuries

Injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine are very common and range in severity.  The spinal column and spinal cord serve as the nerve center and “junction box” for the human body.  Any sort of trauma, including twisting, jerking, or wrenching can cause the “jelly donut” like discs in the spine to bulge or herniate. When the disc herniates, the nucleus of the disc is disrupted and pushes against the outer wall of the disc causing pain and inflammation.  In some cases, the jelly leaks out of the donut and impinges on the nerve roots that run through the spinal column.  When this occurs, the injured person can experience radiating pain into their upper and lower extremities causing weakness and other motor deficits.

Early diagnosis and treatment of spinal injuries is critical to determine whether the injured person is a candidate for surgical treatment as opposed to more conservative treatment such as physical therapy and pain management. 

If you have been involved in an accident, and are suffering from back or neck pain, seek immediate medical treatment.  For more information on how your spinal injury may affect your ability to work and your ability to live pain free, call us now for a free legal consultation.

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